Cycrown’s CycFree Folding Bike – A Budget-Friendly Option with Abundant Features

The CycFree is a folding electric bike that’s all about convenience and power. With fat 20×4″ tires and a strong 500W motor, it’s ready to take you on an adventure. The best part? It’s got a big 960 Wh battery, which means you can ride for almost two hours straight before needing a charge. That’s around 48 miles without even pedaling!

They’ve cleverly placed the battery behind the step-through frame, making it easy to remove. Just flip up the seat, and you’re good to go.

 The folding feature makes it compact enough to fit in many cars, but even if you just fold down the handlebars, it saves a lot of space. Plus, it’s got a rear cargo rack, fenders, and suspension on both the front fork and the seat, ensuring a comfortable ride.

With disc brakes to handle the weight, you’ll have no trouble stopping when you need to. The bike weighs 82 pounds, but taking out the battery makes it easier to load onto a rack or into a vehicle.

Normally priced at $1149, it’s currently on sale for $1049, which is a pretty sweet deal. You’re getting quality components without breaking the bank. Comparable bikes often cost $1500-$2000, so this is definitely a good value.

In a nutshell, this folding e-bike offers power, convenience, and comfort at an attractive price.

What You Can Expect

Despite its compact folding design, this bike feels surprisingly like a big bike when you ride it. A big part of this is thanks to the chunky 20-inch tires which add stability to the ride. The overall weight of the bike also contributes to its grounded feel. 

I prefer to keep the adjustable handlebar post and the seat at a lower setting, which provides a comfortable riding posture.

Even without using the electric power, riding this bike is quite manageable. You might not be setting speed records like Lance Armstrong, but I found it easy to pedal the bike for miles using my own leg strength. 

Despite not being in the best physical condition and dealing with asthma, I was pleasantly surprised by how well I could handle it. This means that if you ever run out of battery, you won’t be left struggling for a challenging ride back home.

The step-through frame design was also a highlight for me. The seat extends above the frame (to keep it compact when folded), which might make swinging a leg over it a bit tricky. However, the lower part of the frame is designed in a way that makes it easy to step over and get on the bike comfortably.

The Verdict

If you have the budget for a higher-end e-bike, my suggestion would be to invest in a more expensive option like auto

However, it’s important to note that when I mention a “nicer” e-bike, I’m referring to bikes that are genuinely of higher quality. Surprisingly, this bike performs impressively well for its price range and can easily match the features of many bikes priced around $1500. 

If you’re considering bikes within this price range and feature level, I strongly recommend giving this one a closer look.

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