5 Expert Pieces of Advice for Exercising Safely During a Heatwave

Exercising during a heatwave requires careful consideration and adjustments to ensure your safety and well-being. Despite the scorching temperatures, staying physically active remains important for maintaining overall health. 
By following a few key guidelines, you can modify your exercise routine to accommodate the heat and continue working out safely. Here are some tips …

The Emotional Spectrum Fueling Environmental Activists

The emotional motivations underlying climate activism are complex and multifaceted, according to psychological research. 
A study conducted in Norway has suggested that anger might be a more potent driver of climate activism than hope. The study involved surveying 2,000 individuals about their feelings regarding the climate crisis and their motivations for taking action. 
The findings revealed that there was a correlation between increased levels of anger and a greater likelihood of participating in climate protests…

As Heatwaves Become More Prominent, the Work Landscape Starts Shifting Towards Siestas and Late Nights

Rising temperatures are prompting reconsideration of work routines and policies to safeguard workers from the sweltering heat. As Southern Europe grapples with record-breaking temperatures exceeding 40°C, adapting business practices becomes vital to mitigate the risks posed by extreme heat.
Possible adjustments to work routines include more frequent breaks, shorter shifts, and adopting overnight work schedules to avoid the harshest daytime temperatures. 
The alarming trend of intensifying heatwaves shows no signs of…

Beating the Heat: Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool During a Heatwave

As Europe faces scorching heatwaves, ensuring the well-being of our beloved pets is a concern. Just like humans, animals can suffer from heat-related issues, making it essential to take steps to protect them during extreme temperatures.
Hydration and shade are paramount for pets. Just as people are urged to drink water and avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures, the same principles apply to animals. Adjusting daily routines, including walks, is necessary during oppressive heat. …