Costa Rica’s Auto Market Disrupted as Price War Erupts with Geometry E’s Arrival

The Latin American market is beginning to witness the arrival of affordable electric vehicles (EVs), with the Geometry E model from Costa Rica serving as a catalyst for substantial price reductions. The region has grappled with notably high EV prices, prompting the need for a more cost-effective alternative.
Notably, Brazil experienced a notable shift in the market dynamic when the BYD Dolphin was introduced at $31,000, leading other …

Android Auto Update by Google Signals the Arrival of EVs

Recently, various tech publications highlighted a noteworthy change that Google implemented in Google Maps on Android Auto. 
Traditionally, one of the default options was a tool to locate nearby gas stations. However, Google has made a clever adjustment for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. When using Google Maps on an EV, the system recognizes the user’s preference for charging stations over gas, and …

Cycrown’s CycFree Folding Bike – A Budget-Friendly Option with Abundant Features

The CycFree is a folding electric bike that’s all about convenience and power. With fat 20×4″ tires and a strong 500W motor, it’s ready to take you on an adventure. The best part? It’s got a big 960 Wh battery, which means you can ride for almost two hours straight before needing a charge. That’s around 48 miles without even pedaling!
They’ve cleverly placed the battery behind the step-through frame, making it easy to remove. Just flip up the seat, and you’re good to go.