Electric Grid’s Challenge: Adapting to a World of 100% Electric Vehicles

One of the remarkable features of today’s EVs is their support for automatic off-peak charging. With this functionality, EV owners can set specific times for charging that correspond to utility-defined off-peak hours. 
In many regions, a scenario where the entire EV fleet charges overnight is conceivable without necessitating additional power generation infrastructure. This aligns with the utility’s goal …

A Look at AI’s Influence on Energy Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping the landscape of the global energy sector, much like its transformative impact across various industries. Its potential to redefine the way energy is generated, distributed, consumed, and managed is capturing the attention of experts and stakeholders alike. 
This technological shift not only holds the promise of a more efficient and sustainable energy future but also has the potential to revolutionize the very core of the energy industry.
As the world gravitates …

Largest Floating Wind Farm Set to Power Oil and Gas Platforms

Equinor, a prominent oil company, has launched the world’s largest floating wind farm, Hywind Tampen, located off the west coast of Norway. 
With an impressive 88 megawatts (MW) of capacity, the wind farm will generate energy to power nearby oil and gas platforms. This innovative project utilizes a new technology that secures 11 large turbines to the seafloor, marking a significant step towards tapping into renewable energy sources in deeper offshore waters.
Despite this venture into renewables, …

Solar Railways Could Be the Solution to Emission from Train Travels

In a remarkable move towards sustainability, the Central Railway network in India is embarking on a venture to install over 1,000 hectares of solar energy infrastructure
As a pioneering entity with a rich history, the Central Railway zone is set to deploy 1 megawatt (MW) of solar units across 81 locations within its extensive network. This initiative underscores a growing trend among railways to …

5 Expert Pieces of Advice for Exercising Safely During a Heatwave

Exercising during a heatwave requires careful consideration and adjustments to ensure your safety and well-being. Despite the scorching temperatures, staying physically active remains important for maintaining overall health. 
By following a few key guidelines, you can modify your exercise routine to accommodate the heat and continue working out safely. Here are some tips …

GM Energy’s Innovative Home Solutions via Ultium Home V2H and Energy Storage

General Motors is making a significant stride in the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem by introducing GM Energy, a subsidiary dedicated to manufacturing and selling energy storage and charging equipment to both residential and commercial customers. 
Under its Ultium Home division, GM Energy has unveiled a comprehensive range of integrated home bi-directional charging and energy storage solutions, further solidifying its commitment to a…

Costa Rica’s Auto Market Disrupted as Price War Erupts with Geometry E’s Arrival

The Latin American market is beginning to witness the arrival of affordable electric vehicles (EVs), with the Geometry E model from Costa Rica serving as a catalyst for substantial price reductions. The region has grappled with notably high EV prices, prompting the need for a more cost-effective alternative.
Notably, Brazil experienced a notable shift in the market dynamic when the BYD Dolphin was introduced at $31,000, leading other …

Android Auto Update by Google Signals the Arrival of EVs

Recently, various tech publications highlighted a noteworthy change that Google implemented in Google Maps on Android Auto. 
Traditionally, one of the default options was a tool to locate nearby gas stations. However, Google has made a clever adjustment for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. When using Google Maps on an EV, the system recognizes the user’s preference for charging stations over gas, and …

The Emotional Spectrum Fueling Environmental Activists

The emotional motivations underlying climate activism are complex and multifaceted, according to psychological research. 
A study conducted in Norway has suggested that anger might be a more potent driver of climate activism than hope. The study involved surveying 2,000 individuals about their feelings regarding the climate crisis and their motivations for taking action. 
The findings revealed that there was a correlation between increased levels of anger and a greater likelihood of participating in climate protests…